Monday, May 15, 2017

Battles with the winged beasts known as flies...

Being that this is my first year having a near full-fledged farm, I am experiencing many new “challenges.” I like to think of them as growth opportunities… you know, to keep myself from getting overwhelmed. 

This month’s growth opportunity comes in the form of buzzing biting modern day pterodactyls that go by the name of “flies.” Nasty little jerks. I will say, I hate them, and I don’t hate many things, but flies? With every fiber of my being I can say they are my arch nemeses.

I wish there were a “how to” book on every aspect of running an animal sanctuary that would adequately prepare me for every… “Growth Opportunity.” If there is one, I have not located it just yet.

 In the interim I’m doing what I do best, winging it.

So I trolled the internet, reading blogs, articles, and product reviews to wrap my head around just which tactics I would use to wage my war against these winged beasts that are invading. My head was spinning after my research because like most things, each thing I read contradicted the next, and all of the side effects of each method or product were projected to put my little farm at risk of everything from scurvy to dysentery.

What did I do next?

I.                    Bought.        Everything.

I now am the proud owner of fly powder, 4 different brands of fly spray, fly traps, a mineral block that promises to make the animal poop-piles uninhabitable to these fly hatchlings, (I know the word is larvae, but I don’t like that word, hatchlings sounds more menacing…) and I am currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of “non-stinging” parasitic wasps that are supposed to be my little buzzing white knights that will strike down my adversaries.

What a day in age that I can order parasitic wasps on the internet.

So far, I have tried the fly powder and one of the fly sprays….

They are both junk. JUNK I TELL YOU. Citronella perfumed CRAP. Why didn’t I just light some money on fire and hope that the smoke from my 20 dollar bills kept the modern day pterodactyls away? It probably would have been more effective.

The horses smell like camping in the summer time and the flies are eating from the traps and leaving at their leisure.  So now I have opened up a fly buffet. 

They may have won the battle but they will not win the war.

Life is good. ;)

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